About Konnyaku (Konjac)

In Japan, young women who say "I love Konnyaku because it's healthy!"
Konnyaku keeps you slim and healthy.An ingredient of Konnyaku is Glucomannan.

Konnyaku(Amorphophaiius Konjac,K. Koch.) produced from tubers of Konnyaku root, has been consumed as a part of important Japanese dishes for over 2,000 years. Science now unvail the real value of the Konnyaku as a high dietary, non fat, fiber low calorie diet food which shows several unique functions for maintaining a well-being.
When taken with foods, it reduces speed of sugar intake which prevent rapid blood sugar level jump. Instead, it gives graduale increment. Study also indicates Konnyaku lowers Choresterol level. Konnyaku is ideal for weight reduction since Konnyaku forms jelly like material and expands about 30-50 times in the digestive system and gives the feeling that the stomach is full. The Konnyaku cleans the digestive tract of toxins.
Most recently, the food industry is paying attention to the Konnayku flour to replace conventional starch formulations since the Konnyaku is lower in calories and lower in fat without sacrificing texture and taste.

In 1977, American Senate nourishment special committee published a report that says the shortage of fiber in eating habits is one of the reason that adult diseases (fatness, constipation, arteriosclerosis, heart sickness, diabetes, cancer, gallstone, and hemorrhoids) have come to be popular. For example, dietary fiber activates the function of intestines and let the harmful things go quickly out of your body. As a result, it defends you from intestine cancer. Konnyaku contains much fiber in it and keep you away from such diseases.

Moreover, Konnyaku is one of the most effective items for defending yourself from fatness. If you would like to keep your body slim, it is necessary to keep the caloric intake in some amount. However it needs a great deal of patience if you decide to reduce your meal without any help. It may be also no good for your mental health to endure hunger.
But if you use Konnyaku, you can eat ordinary or more amount of food every day because Konnyaku has very low CALORIE (3Kcal/100g). Since long time ago, Japan has such healthy foods like Konnyaku and Tofu. They will surely help your physical and mental health.

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